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A Creative Solution: Donate Your Books

The success of our research relies heavily upon the involvement of bright and motivated student researchers. Due to the faltering Michigan economy, students' families have had to make considerable sacrifices to better their prospects for a brighter future, and many students work unreasonably long hours in jobs that do little justice to their talents. We are committed to helping hard-working students help themselves, and to give them the opportunity to spend more time working in areas that further their professional skills (e.g. programming, database research, virtual environment design, statistical analysis, etc.) so as to be competitive for admission to top flight graduate programs. As such, we consider it a valuable launch program for their future as leaders in academia, law, medicine, education and industry.

If you would like to help support hard-working young scholars, and think, as do we, that America's best should be conducting structural equation analyses instead of pouring stale coffee for truckers, please consider supporting us. Support will go toward  (1) matching funds in a federal work-study program for students with demonstrated need, (2) conference travel for students with significant contribution to merit publication, and/or (3) training costs for students in immersive environments programming at the UCSB Virtual Environments Institute.

You can help by donating your unwanted textbooks to one of our preferred online buyers. It's easy to do, will cost you nothing, and you'll feel good about doing it (Option 1). If you don't have spare books, but would like to help anyway, feel free to make a tax-deductible donation (Option 2). Of course, either is greatly appreciated. 


Send your used or new textbooks to one of our choice online bookbuyers, who have assured us that the payment will go to the psychology department at MSU. And yes, postage is FREE. It costs you nothing, other than the few moments sending the books. This is a low-investment transaction for you, that will yield high dividends hard-working students--and remember, a little goes a long way with respect to work-study funds. We want this to be a real success that benefits everyone involved, so please do not send textbooks that were solicited from the publisher, and send surplus or unsolicited books only.

To donate books using MoneyForBooks.com click here To use Barnes & Noble click here 


Make checks payable to: Michigan State University

Send to: Attn: Kevin Knights, Business Office, 238 Psychology Research, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824
On the check write:  "Intergroup Relations Lab, Student Support"

On behalf of the student researchers in our lab, thanks for reading this. Hopefully, the case has been made that this has been worth your time, and will be worth a few moments more.

Dr. Carlos D. Navarrete

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Artist Randi Navarrete has pledged support for our undergraduates. Most of her original artwork sells for less than $10.  Just mention the Intergroup Relations Lab to  have 50% the proceeds from your purchase go towards support, and receive a 10% discount!

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