7 Best DJ Laptop Stands For Performing In Total Comfort

7 Best DJ Laptop Stands For Performing In Total Comfort

Are you a disk jockey looking for the best DJ laptop stand?

Have you seen so many models and you don’t know which one to choose? Are you afraid of getting one that is not compatible with the size of your computer?

Just ask yourself the right questions!

In our article we will explain all the factors to consider to make the perfect purchase!

What is the best DJ laptop stand?

Obviously there is no universal answer that is valid for everyone and varies according to personal needs.

What will you use the stand for? Will you use it in your home studio? Or during your performances in the clubs?

Do you need to mount only one laptop or add mixer, controller, drum machine or other?

How big is your computer?

With the answers to these questions you can already direct your choice towards certain products designed specifically for the type of use. Other important and less personal evaluation factors concern quality.

In our opinion, even when you want to try to save, it is still good to choose a device that guarantees robustness, durability and safety.

Below we present the best DJ PC stands:

  1. Adjustable DJ laptop Stand – Proel LTS007C

Proel LTS007C

Let’s start with an adjustable professional support from the Proel brand. It is an excellent solution for those who have a controller (or keyboard) and want a stand that can accommodate both devices.

It is an ad hoc product, ideal for jokey disc positions. It is suitable for both studio and live use, allowing easy access to equipment.

To be placed on a table or desk, it is opaque black and weighs about 3.80 kg.

  1. DJ Laptop Stand Compatible With MacBook – NULAXY


Stand too high? Too short?

The problem does not arise with this ergonomic model of the Nulaxy brand. It is in fact adjustable in height from about 5 to 35 cm and can support devices up to almost 10 kg.

Its versatility makes it ideal especially for those who foresee a mixed or live use, where the user can find different support shelves (and of different heights) in the various rooms.

Fits almost all 10 to 17 inch laptops including MacBook Pros.

  1. Pronomic LS-210

Pronomic LS-210

From Ponomic we see this stand made of steel and very robust. Height adjustable from 16.5 cm to 25.5 cm with hooks at 5 different levels.

The width is also adjustable: from 23.5 to 28.5 cm and with 3 options. There is no shortage of extra space for adding other equipment.

Rubber pads prevent the computer from slipping. Easy to assemble and disassemble, it is fixed to the desk (or table) using clamps.

  1. BoYata


The BoYata signature device is designed with a sturdy aluminum frame.

It is possible to adjust it from different angles from 0 ° to 90 ° according to your needs. By keeping the computer raised, you can have more desk space available.

4 non-slip silicone pads help maintain position and improve overall stability. We also find a protective hook on each arm, which prevents the laptop from sliding towards the user.

  1. Foldable and Ventilated DJ Laptop Stand – Tokmali


Made of sturdy aluminum, it supports up to 6 kg.

The height is adjustable and the 4 non-slip silicone cushions and the protective hooks ensure stability and safety. The Z-shaped design is great for typing and improves posture.

The aluminum alloy material helps to effectively reduce the computer temperature. The front corner and open design provide good ventilation to prevent the computer from overheating.

  1. DJ Laptop Stand With Double Shelf – Tiger

Tiger dj laptop stand

Perfect for disk jockeys and musicians who use the computer during live shows, in the studio or even at home.

It can be fixed to the top of a table or desk by means of clamps, but also simply placed on a flat surface: it is excellent for alternating use, adapting to different situations.

It also has an extra shelf for any mixers or controllers, or other equipment. It weighs only 1.9kg and has two padded arms for stability.

  1. HH 2055 Sal Open Design Support

Cascha HH 2055

This sturdy laptop stand in powder-coated steel is very flexible: it can be adjusted in height in 5 levels (from 16.5 cm to 27.9 cm) and is compatible with computers and tablets from 10 “to 17”.

Thanks to the non-slip mats, the laptop is prevented from slipping. The open construction offers ideal air circulation, preventing overheating.

It weighs only 1.22 kg, so it is extremely portable.

Buyers Guide

What exactly is a DJ laptop stand?

They are structures, usually made of metal, on which you can place your computer to keep it raised, offering the possibility of adopting more comfortable positions while using technological products.

They are similar to musical keyboard stands, obviously resized for use with a computer. The disk jockey models can be table or floor and are specifically designed for use in music production or for live performances.

For example, they can have additional shelves to add controllers, mixers, CD players or more. They are also mainly designed to offer less space consumption, freeing up useful areas on tables, desks or workstations.

There are different types, each with different characteristics to meet the needs of various users.

dj stand

Why invest in a DJ laptop stand?

Do you have many devices and little space?

A stand can free up space in your home or studio station. During live shows it allows you to position yourself comfortably and you know: if you are comfortable you can perform better performances!

Like a musical keyboard stand, it is less bulky than a coffee table. Furthermore, these devices are generally adjustable, offering the possibility of adapting them according to the position that is located during the evening.

Those for the floor avoid having to bring a “table” on occasions when there is no support, as can happen on the stages of concerts, outdoor parties, weddings.

If there are different types, you need to ask yourself a few questions to understand which model is best suited to your situation, avoiding purchases that may not be suitable for your needs and expectations.

Types of DJ laptop stands

Let’s begin to see the general structure and to divide them by type.


Models built from metal tend to be the most durable. They are often chosen for the stages, because of their robustness.

The disadvantage?

Obviously the metal is very heavy, so the stand will not be very light.

On multiple levels

Really tempting feature for those who have to use more than one technological device.

In fact, in addition to the notebook, a second device (drum machine, mixer, etc.) can also be positioned, thus offering further savings in space and versatility both in the studio and during live performances.


The freestanding ones have legs and can be placed on any flat and stable surface. The legs usually have rubber grips on the bottom.

They fit virtually anywhere, are portable and easy to assemble and set up.

To be mounted on a desk

In this case, space and weight are saved by eliminating the legs.

These models attach to a surface, such as a desk or table.

Features to look for in a laptop stand

Let’s go into more detail by seeing all the features to consider.


In addition to metal, which is very resistant, we can also find plastic models.

They certainly won’t be as stable and durable as metal stands, so be careful not to be enticed by their low price.

However, they can be good for occasional use in the office or at home.

If you want a cheaper product, however, it is better to evaluate carbon fiber, less expensive than steel, but more resistant than plastic.


A good material makes the device more robust.

Attention to also evaluate the construction: it must be stable and not wobbly and any blocks and joints must also be of quality.

Sturdiness becomes essential when you often travel with your equipment, perhaps having to place it on vans or trunks full of other tools and equipment.

For floor models, those with a stable, foldable tripod base are recommended.

Carrying capacity

How many times do we forget this little detail?

Today’s laptops are very light, but it’s always good to check the maximum shelf load.

If you take a multi-level one remember to also consider the weight of the additional tools, to avoid nasty surprises.


Where do you have to put it?

On the dj table of a club? In your home studio?

On a stage?

In addition to general positioning, i.e. on the ground or on a table/desk, versatility must be checked and evaluated.

Is the stand adjustable in height? Can it be reclined?

How much?

As for the table models, today we also find multi-use supports, which can be hooked to your desk using clamps, but also placed on a table.

They are excellent for those who use the support both at home and outside, allowing you to use the clamps at home and to switch to the “support” mode during performances in the clubs.

Number of computers/controllers to be placed

Obviously you will have to consider the devices you want to place on the stand: do you only have a computer?

Or even a mixer? Maybe even a controller?

It is always advisable to make your own considerations in order to take the object that is most suitable.


How big is your computer?

Is the stand big enough?


We know that computers can overheat, especially when used at full capacity for long sessions.

A stand should offer good ventilation.

Computers have a fan or other cooling and dissipation systems and a good stand favors the process rather than, as sometimes unfortunately happens, blocking the “vent” of the laptop.


Comfort is essential for working efficiently.

A laptop holder placed at the right height will allow you to maintain a correct posture and to operate in a practical way.


An inexpensive model can certainly be tempting compared to a more expensive one.

Everyone likes to save, but you must never compromise on quality.

For example, you can opt for a less famous brand device, or with less functionality, as long as they are obviously not necessary for you.

It is not difficult to find products with a good value for money: the important thing is not to act on impulse and to carefully read the product sheets and reviews to check the materials used and durability in the medium to long term.

In the case of live use, travel cases can be useful allies to increase the life of the stands.


Are there any pads or blocks that prevent the computer from slipping?

You certainly don’t want to save a few dollars and risk dropping a notebook that costs you several hundred dollars!

Good DJ stand allows you to maintain correct posture.

Frequently asked questions

Which laptop stand is best – table top, floor stand or foldable?

The answer to this question is extremely personal.

In a studio, the ideal is usually a tabletop model.

If you plan to use them in live performances, the floor ones are better, excellent for any occasion even in the absence of tables on the stage or in the area intended for the musician.

Foldable ones are perfect for casual hobbyists who travel a lot and don’t have equipment that is too heavy to use on the stand.


The use of computers for music has now reached everywhere, even on stages and in clubs.

Musicians, disk jockeys and even sound and lighting technicians use them.

From keyboard stands we have moved on to the use of supports for various devices, including computers.

We hope that our article has served you to clarify your ideas and be able to find the perfect product for you.

Where to buy it?

You can find it and buy it in musical instrument and equipment stores, or by turning to online sales sites.

On the market you will find tons of options and you will surely be able to find the perfect one for your needs.