Best USB Drives For DJ

Best USB Drives For DJ

Choosing the best USB drive if you are a DJ is not easy, there are countless brands and models on the market but very few can really cover our special needs. That is why in this article we will detail which in our opinion are the three best USB flash drives or USB memory for DJs and specifically we will talk about the model that is the most recommended in most cases.

Storage capacity

To start we need space, obviously at this point it will depend a lot on the type of DJ you are, that is, if you only work with a musical style for example, you will not normally need a flash drive that houses many files.

Unless, of course, you are one of those who prefer to bring a lot of music because you never really know how much you will need at an event. But as a general rule, a DJ who only plays electronic music is going to need less music than one who only dedicates himself to weddings or mobile discos where we meet all kinds of audiences and usually in these types of events he puts a little of everything.

Our advice is that you always carry more music than you think you should bring because you never know how an event starts or ends, but what is clear is that over-music will save us in many situations.

Having said all the above, the most normal capacities today are from 8 GB and up to 1 TB, however, in the three models analyzed, only in the Extreme Pro there is the variety of 512 GB and 1 TB. The maximum we can buy is 256 GB which on the other hand is usually more than enough for any type of DJ.

It must be made clear that it is advisable if we buy a drive to click is that we only dedicate it for that purpose, if we are going to use it for other uses such as copying documents and especially videos, which take up a lot of space, our memory will quickly run out of space.

Therefore it is better to have only one drive for our work as a DJ and another unit to use for other purposes.

In the models that we have analyzed we can work with 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB, capacities more than enough for most, obviously the more capacity the device has, the more expensive it is, but any of these three capacities should be sufficient regardless of the type of DJ. you’ll be.

SanDisk Extreme Go 128GB

Write speed

Another important factor in a USB memory focused on the DJ is the speed, not the reading speed, which is the one that applies to CDJs, all in one or any other device that has a USB input.

Because most of the models nowadays work with USB 2.0, therefore the maximum transfer speed they offer is 480 Mbit / s, a quantity more than enough to access your music, and that all the models analyzed here that are USB 3.0 or USB 3.1, therefore handle transfer speeds ranging from 5 to 10 Gb / s.

The real determining factor is the writing speed, which is the one necessary to copy files from our computer to the USB drive and vice versa. There is usually a bottleneck when we copy large amounts of files to our USB memory, in fact it is more than usual to see a DJ in the middle of an event waiting for the computer to finish copying music that at the last minute and for whatever reason they have added to your USB sticks.

Here logically, the higher the value of the writing speed, the faster files will be copied and beware, not only copying files occurs when we drag music to our USB, but for example when Rekordbox or any other music management application updates the playlists in your pen drive or create new playlists, in practice you are copying files. Therefore, the higher the write speed, the faster the files will finish copying.

Of the models analyzed here, the Sandisk Extreme Go is the one that offers the lowest writing speed, 150 MB / s, while the Sandisk Extreme Pro reaches up to 380 MB / s.

The Corsair Flash Survivor Stealth V2 suspiciously does not offer any data about its writing speed on its website but in our tests, we can confirm that it is between 150 MB / s and 380 MB / s because in the copying of files the time usually means between the other competitive models analyzed.

Therefore, if you want a USB drive that quickly copies your music, your selection should be the Sandisk Extreme Pro which is the one that offers the highest writing speed.

SanDisk Extreme PRO 256GB


Let’s face it, pen drives are not made to last, or at least that is our experience because we have tried dozens and the reality is that they last rather little. Although the three models analyzed here assume some resistance, the truth is that we never know when they will fail.

The only thing that consoles us is that if we take care of them, we carry them protected in a bag or similar, in theory, they should last a long time. But in this type of product the slogan is very clear, use them only for the essential time, that is, do not have your USB drive milling around or leave it in the hands of others, as long as you do not use them keep them under your control.

We remind you that the inside of your USB drive is the result of days, weeks and even months looking for music and having it stolen, or worse, breaking it can annoy anyone.

This section highlights the contradiction of the Corsair Flash Survivor Stealth v2, which is sold as a military-grade product that withstands all kinds of abuse.

Although it is true that it has a metallic design that comes standard with a metallic casing that makes the pen drive remain floating inside since it does not touch any end of the casing and that in theory absorbs the blows in the event of a fall.

The reality is that in our daily use it lasted rather little, at the moment it has not been broken, but the interior of the flash drive where the plate with the chip is located comes off very easily, which means that its durability is not so high. as the manufacturer claims.

As for Sandisk’s proposals, both are plastic models with a retractable system to remove or insert the USB connector. It is fair to say that so far this retractable system has not given us problems because in the USB drives it is the first thing that usually fails but it seems that the manufacturer has found a system that really is durable.

The problem comes from the housing that is entirely plastic, although it is a quality plastic, we will have to be careful when transporting it and during use. Therefore, here we insist again, always keep it in a bag or with some protection and when you don’t use it, the best place is the bag itself.

At this point, you will have already deduced that USB drives are anything but durable so do not believe all the information that manufacturers offer and ALWAYS have a backup copy of the music on your USB drive because you never know when it may fail.

corsair flash survivor stealth v2

final thoughts

Of the three models analyzed here, Sandisk Extreme Pro, Sandisk Extreme Go and Corsair Flash Survivor Stealth V2, the best is undoubtedly the first.

Currently, it is the most used by far among DJs, the problem is that physically it is the same as its younger brother the Sandisk Extreme Go, but the similarities end there.

From a performance point of view, the Extreme Pro is much more complete and will offer us much better performance than the Extreme Go.

Although it is true that if you choose any of the three options mentioned here you will have a good USB memory or at least better than the average that tends to be cheap products, poorly finished, with few features and rather low durability.

However, the big problem with flash drives is counterfeits, the cases are very easy to imitate and the normal thing is that if you see big discounts or go to non-specialized stores, they can sell you fake devices directly.

In the end, what matters in a good flash drive is the chip it has and it is relatively common to find a USB that looks like an original but inside they have chips from manufacturers of dubious quality that make the transfer rates in reading or in the copy they are very low.

The best thing at this point is that you buy your flash drive in a trustworthy store, otherwise you can use the Internet but with great caution and if you prefer you can try to buy it where we always do: Sandisk Extreme Pro from $40, Sandisk Extreme Go from $20 and Corsair Flash Survivor Stealth V2 from $15.