The Importance Of Cables In The DJ Booth

The Importance Of Cables In The DJ Booth

Cables are probably the least important item in the DJ booth. This mania for not valuing the “small” details causes us to spend huge amounts of money to have the best equipment that we can afford and then connect everything to some RCA-type cables that was bought for a couple of dollars.

This incongruity does not only occur in the booths that we assemble in our homes or in small gambling dens but worse still, it affects set ups installed in large events with many watts of sound, where we rely on the audio quality of our sessions with cables, is destroyed by using a terrible quality cable that does nothing but dirty the sound.

Good equipment = good cables

If you have a cheap Hercules controller or a controller that has not cost you more than $300, don’t worry, you don’t need to buy good cables. The device itself is not a panacea when it comes to sound quality and logically a good cable is not going to compensate for the poor quality of the equipment that sends the signal.

But when we spend our money on good equipment, the logical thing is that we do the same with cables.

It is incomprehensible that buying any of the Pioneer CDJs models, for example, we get a small thickness RCA cable that does not exactly stand out for the quality of its construction (curiously, Pioneer sells at the same time some very good and expensive cables apart for your digital connections).

It’s like buying a late-model Mercedes and filling the tank with Super 95 gas.

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Good equipment that transmits a quality audio signal must have good cables that continue to transmit that signal. If at some point in the chain that makes up each of the elements that intervene in the transmission of sound, one of its elements fails, in the end what suffers is the sound that your audience perceives through the speakers.

The audio interfaces the most affected

With the progressive digitization of equipment, we have neglected even more the issue of cables and curiously where we suffer most from the problems derived from the use of bad cables is in a fundamental element in the digital world such as the audio interface.

It is very common that some of the best controllers on the market come with USB cables of doubtful quality, their drivers are terrible and that causes that the double function that this type performs is affected.

The most common is that the controller suddenly turns off and on by itself, this disaster occurs when the cable is not able to power the device electrically at the same time that it sends data that is transmitted to the controller or to the software with which it works.

That is also the reason why many users encounter latency problems or poor sound quality, many times it is the fault of the cable, which, as we said before, plays a fundamental role in this type of machine since at the same time It feeds them electrically and also performs the essential data transmission.

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Final Thoughts

The cable is a fundamental part of your cabin and as such must be taken into account. What is intended in the end is that the entire system as a whole has an optimal quality so that there is no element weaker than another and thus have total assurance that we are working with the maximum quality in terms of audio that can be achieved. get to offer the equipment.

With this post, we begin a series of articles and reviews that have cable as the absolute protagonist, that great unknown for many DJs, and that we will analyze little by little. We will see what characteristics a good cable should have, which are the most recommended, reviews of some popular cables and ultimately we will shed a little light on this dark issue.