10 Essential Health Tips For DJs

10 Essential Health Tips For DJs

The life of the DJ is not easy.

Managing the lifestyle that leads to this profession is sometimes one of the main problems of being a successful DJ.

Not regular schedules, parties, endless trips, stress, live shows, and a lot of music is not the best allies to stay healthy and balanced.

It is more than proven that human beings not only need to sleep, rest, and eat healthily, but we also need to have regular habits and schedules, and the latter for the life of a DJ or artist is often practically impossible.

In this post we are going to give you a series of recommendations that you should follow if you want to have a long and successful life as a DJ. These tips are not only essential to maintain your physical health but are also very important keys if you want to succeed in this demanding profession.

Remember, in a race as competitive as this: Only the smartest and most prepared survive. 

If for people with conventional jobs leading a healthy lifestyle is often not easy, imagine the life of a DJ in which basically his day is night, his home the airports and the food as fast as he can get, say; lots of junk food.

Many famous DJs have been overwhelmed by their success, so in this guide we are going to see a compilation of tips that will help you take your personal well-being and your profession in peace.

Are you ready? As well; We are going to see the ten most important tips to survive in the DJ profession without consequences for your health.

10 Health Tips For DJs

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Avoid Alcohol

Yes, that’s right, alcohol can be your worst enemy.

It may make you feel great at the moment with full energy, but don’t forget the next day.

The hangover, the drop in energy, and the discomfort.

For a person who must sleep 3 to 4 hours a day, adding the discomfort of a hangover is simply harmful.

After a night full of alcohol, being productive, taking care of your affairs, and even being pleasant with those who travel with you is not easy.

Drink in moderation if you wish, but try at all costs to avoid alcohol at work.

Stay Away From Parties

I know it’s not easy, but stay away from the parties.

On tour, you can’t afford to accept every party invitation that is proposed to you.

Remember that you have a program and you must stick to it.

If you are faithful to the organization and discipline, avoiding a night out can save your life, even if you don’t believe it.

Nobody wants a DJ who is not at 100% of their capacity and abilities because the day before I spent a night partying.

Remember that for what others are a party, for you is your job. Be professional!

Sleep, Take Any Opportunity And Rest

A DJ during a tour can sleep 3 to 4 hours a day, basically this is not enough for a person who leads a hectic lifestyle.

Remember that the optimum to be charged with energy is between 6 and 8 hours of restful sleep.

Since sleeping these hours in a row, it is almost impossible during a tour, our advice is that you take any opportunity to take a nap.

Naps will save your life, fill you with energy, and make you do your job better.

So one of the best tips is: SLEEP and rest as much as possible. If you have a couple of free hours before a performance, take advantage of them to take a nap and recharge your batteries to the fullest!

Get Away From Stress, And Stressful People

This is essential: stress kills, ages you, and does not make you more productive.

Avoid stressing yourself unnecessarily, so that you worry about issues that have a solution; Take care of them and move on. If they do not have a solution, it is worth worrying about.

Hakuna Matata, without stress and caution.

Stop Smoking


It is simple; Smoking only causes problems, if you have the habit of smoking, put it away quickly.

Breath is life, life is music, and you are a DJ creating life. Respect it and stay away from the fumes.

Actually, this advice is for anyone and since we know how difficult it is to quit an addiction like this, we are not going to overwhelm you with the subject. We just remind you that if you are a smoker, start to realize that it would be good to find the right time to quit.

Create Your Habits And Rituals

Having your rituals will make you feel at peace.

It is very difficult to go from city to city, country to country, feeling like a tourist full of excitement and excitement, but too tired to discover.

Having your rituals will make you feel at home, calm and relaxed.

Do something regularly and make it your ritual, a minute to meditate, a tea at a certain time or before a performance.

Anything that gives you a few minutes for you and your body is beneficial.

Do Physical Activity No Matter Where You Are

Get organized and don’t forget your 45 minutes of gym, at least three times a week.

It is essential to have a healthy lifestyle, if you do not like running but enjoy a sport such as basketball, do basketball.

Find a physical activity that you like and do it at least three times a week, being active will make you feel better, and have more energy. Something essential for any DJ or artist

Review And Watch Your Diet

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It’s hard to be on tour and eat as healthy as possible. However, it is not impossible and you can do it.

Try to carry foods that are good for you, eat fruit regularly and abuse cereals and fibers, these give you a lot of energy.

Food at airports or on the roads is not the best menu for you, always take fruits with you, easy-to-make cereals, nuts or other natural products.

A handful of nuts, fruit or a plate of oatmeal with milk and a few raisins can give you all the energy that a greasy hamburger will not give you.

Get Organized

Balance your schedules well, plan your day and survive for the next.

It’s simple, if you follow the plan to the letter, everything will be easier, and you will have valuable time for yourself.

Going to the sites with the necessary time will also help you avoid unnecessary stress.

Have Your Special And Relaxing Moments

Schedule and take your time to do simple things that make you happy, yoga, meditation, a tea, a book or just admiring the scenery.

Besides being a DJ, you are a human being, you have hobbies and enjoying certain simple activities is important; do not forget.

Take some time to do what you like the most, even if it’s 15 minutes.

You leave a club or a performance. After a hectic night, you arrive at your hotel full of adrenaline and you know that you should sleep, but in this state it is almost impossible, relax. You like yoga; do a little, you like to read; take your book, do any activity that generates relaxation and tranquility.

Learning to meditate is one thing we recommend. It can be very useful in certain situations.

We hope these tips will help you withstand the sometimes harsh pressure of touring, and above all, they will provide you with a life as a DJ full of triumphs, health, and personal satisfaction.

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