How Much Should I Charge For My DJ Services?

How Much Should I Charge For My DJ Services?

If you are planning an event, you will certainly plan for entertainment and music. Looking for average prices on costs for different DJ gigs? Here is how to know how much to charge for your DJ services, on average.

For a DJ host for an afternoon event, $350

Price for the services of a DJ host in an afternoon package. Includes 5 hours of service (excluding installation), 2 preparation meetings, 800 W sound kit, dance floor lighting kit and 2 microphones. Free travel within 50 km from Lille. Beyond that, costs invoiced, 0.50 $ / km.

For a DJ for a birthday party, $450

The average price for a DJ for a birthday party for a period of 7 hours. Includes tailor-made mix, professional equipment (control room, 2 microphones, sound speakers), lighting, entertainment, and light show. Travel costs included in the 80 km from Linselles. Beyond that, costs are billed 0.6 $ / km.

For a DJ host with a low budget wedding package, $450

The price offered for a DJ host in a wedding evening package (no time limit). Includes equipment (sound and lights), assembly, disassembly, musical repertoire adapted to the bride and groom. Mileage costs charged 0.45 $ / km outside Lille.

For a DJ to host a private evening event, $650

The rate established for the services of a disc jockey for 9 hours during a private evening event (birthday, baptism, dance). Includes sound equipment (2 amplified speakers, sound control room, wireless microphone), smoke machine, 2 totems and lighting, 4 LED effects, 2 LED robots. Travel costs included in the 20 km from Calais, beyond that, mileage costs billed 0.70 $ / km.

For a disc jockey with a reception and wedding evening package, $660

The average price for a DJ for a performance during the reception and the wedding evening. Includes preparation meeting, sound equipment with a power capacity suitable for 250 people, lights and animations, personalized mix. Travel included in the 60 kilometers.

For a private evening package service, $790

The average price for a service performed by a DJ host in a private evening package (until 4 a.m.). Includes quality sound system (digital control room, wireless microphone, speakers), track lighting, fog machine, preparation meeting. Free travel within 80 km from Athies. Beyond that, costs billed 0.50 $ / km. Additional hour billed 80 $.

For a disc jockey for a wedding evening, $900

The average price for a wedding evening formula until midnight. Includes equipment (sound and lights), installation, dismantling, tailor-made mix. Travel included in the Paris region, beyond costs invoiced on estimate according to the actual distance + tolls.

For the animation of a wedding of 180 to 300 people, $1,190

Rate noted for the animation of a wedding evening of 180 to 300 people from 6 p.m. to 4 a.m. Includes: sound equipment at 6 distribution points, lighting device, smoke machine, laser, installation and dismantling of equipment, a prior appointment and the creation of a playlist adapted to the bride and groom and to the different highlights of the evening. Free travel in the region.

For a DJ to host a private party high-end package, $1,700

The average price for a DJ for a gala or cocktail evening in a high-end package. Service from 7 p.m. to 4 a.m. Includes sound equipment (2 speakers, two boxes for a total of 8400 W), sound control, wired microphone, wireless microphone, lighting (LED effects, laser, mood lights, lighting on 2 lights), animations ( a shot of confetti, a shot of 2 fireworks, smoke machine). Mileage costs invoiced on an estimate.

Tips for reducing costs

  • If you want to reduce costs, study the offers of different providers. You may not have to grab the full pack, including strobes, lasers, and the smoke machine, and karaoke animation. You can always try to negotiate a tailor-made and less expensive service with the DJ host. Some also offer hourly packages.
  • Remember to check with your DJ that all the equipment is included (sound system, computer, cabling, etc.), it may happen that some service providers do not come with all the equipment, be careful when negotiating the contract.
  • Also note that the equipment used by the DJ will not be the same for an evening of 50 people, as for an evening of 250 people. Indeed, the equipment used will be more powerful for a big evening (number of speakers or even several microphones), so be sure to state your needs to your service provider to find the best suited package.
  • Some providers may charge you for the research and work of the mix and the musical repertoire, according to your tastes. To avoid these costs, prepare in advance a selection of the songs you want to find during your evening, which you can create on Deezer or Spotify to better identify them!
  • Depending on your geographic area, travel costs may be billed beyond the sector defined by the service provider. If you want to avoid this, check with DJs near your event location.
  • If you want to easily compare prices, establish a selection according to your musical tastes, and choose a provider available in your sector, the Starofservice platform can help you. This platform compares and finds the providers that best meet your requirements and allows you to put in direct contact with them.

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