How To Choose A DJ Stage Name: 5 Tips You Must Know

How To Choose A DJ Stage Name: 5 Tips You Must Know

Choosing a name as a DJ is one of the first and most important decisions you will have to make when you want to dedicate yourself to mixing songs professionally.

A good DJ name will cause you to be considered more seriously as an artist right out of the box, or it can also have the opposite effect and present you as amateurish and unprofessional. So you will have to pay attention and dedicate the time necessary to take care of what will be one of your main hallmarks from now on.

We cannot invent a name for you, but we can give you a series of fundamental tips to help you choose your most suitable artistic name.

These tips are intended for all those who want to become professional DJs but will also be of equal use to other types of artists such as producers, solo singers, or similar artists.

5 Tips For Choosing A DJ Stage Name

Pick a name that people know how to pronounce

It seems very obvious, but it is not like that, we constantly see names of DJs or other artists that we do not know how to pronounce correctly, especially keep in mind that we live in a globalized world and that a name that can be easily understood in your locality may not It is both internationally.

Check availability and register your name on the web and social networks

Before making a final decision, check that you can have that free identity on social networks and that you can have your own .com domain with your artistic name. This will also help you to verify that there is no other artist who already uses your name as a DJ and who is more recognized than you.

Take into account how your artistic name logo will be

The logo is almost as important as the name. It is what will go on the flyers or in the different marketing materials, websites, RRSS, SoundCloud, Mixcloud, etc. Having an appropriate, clear, and prominent logo is extremely important when you are going to be on posters competing for attention among other DJs.

You don’t have to find something completely unique

Today it is rare that something is not invented. If you come up with a name that might work, don’t let the fact that there is a Norwegian food canning company that uses the same name will throw it back.

Check on Google that you may have that identity, check that there is no other recognized DJ with the same name (which would complicate your identity a lot) but don’t expect that anyone in the world has used the chosen word before.

Things NOT To Do When Creating DJ Names

After having checked that the name you have in your head meets the five requirements recommended above, also make sure that it does not fall into any of the following errors:

Don’t use the word “DJ” in your name

Prohibited! It is a thing of the past and it will make you lose weight as an artist. The ultimate goal of your career is to be recognized for the music you have created and when this happens you are interested in projecting an image as a global artist, not just as a DJ. Very few DJ producers use these terms when releasing a new track. So scrap it from the start.

Do not use a name that is associated with some genre or fashion

Genres evolve and fashions die. So don’t call yourself “The Wizard of Dubstep” or something similar. Even though there are genres that last for decades, your tastes may change or evolve over time, so choose a name that can sustain your entire career, not just a few seasons.


Choosing a good name takes some effort and time. Don’t settle for the first thing that pops into your head in the evening (although this might work too, it’s not normal).

Finding the name and creating the perfect identity can take a few weeks or even months, but in the end, a name is something that will accompany you throughout your entire career, a fundamental part of any DJ’s marketing and it is important that you pay attention to it, that you deserve from the moment you want to start your career as a DJ.

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