How Does The DJCity Record Pool Work?

How Does The DJCity Record Pool Work? is probably one of the best-known record pools of the moment, its different headquarters in many countries of the world as well as some of its editors that are exclusive to the platform, have made it position itself as one of the reference places when we look for quality music focused on DJs.

Exclusive publishers

One of the reasons for the popularity of is that many of its editors publish only and exclusively their remixes, edits, mashups, bootlegs, etc. in this record pool. Therefore, to enjoy his creations we have to download them from DJ City.

Of course, many publishers do not maintain exclusivity on the platform but publish in various record pools, but even so the music that is uploaded is usually high-quality editions.

Musical genres

DJ City handles various musical genres, the main section of the platform now offers Hip Hop, House, Latin, Pop, R&B, Reggae and Trap / Twerk.

On the other hand, there is a DJ City UK that offers music for the United Kingdom although it cannot be downloaded from the main platform,, but through a specific portal called


One of the drawbacks of DJ City is its price, currently it only offers a premium plan that costs $90 and is active for 3 months, with which you pay $30 per month.

We think that for someone who wants to know the platform to see if it suits their tastes and needs, it may be a somewhat excessive price. The normal thing would be to offer a basic plan for a month with the possibility of paying month by month or perhaps for three months with a small discount, as other similar record pools already offer.

It goes without saying that this price includes full access to its entire musical catalog without restrictions, with which you can download music from 2015 even earlier to the present.

Of course, like any other record pool, the number of times it is possible to download the same file is three. Therefore, if you want to download 4 times, for example, the same track, a text that says Max Download will appear in the place of the usual Download tab, and logically you will not be able to access the file in question.

Audio and video

Another negative aspect of DJCity in our opinion is the impossibility of accessing its entire music catalog because from time to time they delete music.

In principle, they do it with the least downloaded songs and that therefore have much less demand, but the reality is that these songs may be essential for our next set and the fact that they do not warn beforehand of their elimination makes them continually disappear themes and neither if we want to realize it.

There are other record pools that never delete music with which we can access it at any time. It is clear that not deleting files increases DJ City’s costs because it requires more storage space on its servers and more bandwidth, but we believe that if other record pools of similar cost offer this service, DJ City could at least consider it as an option for the not too distant future.

On the other hand, today, DJ City does not allow access to video files, something that many competing websites do.

It is not necessary to create video versions of all the music that they publish but it would be appreciated if they did at least the most downloaded songs because many DJs have incorporated video into their sessions and it is appreciated that we do not have to work on our own video versions of the edits we download from DJ City.

dj city download

Music rating

Something that bothers many DJs, especially due to the waste of time that this implies, is the obligation on the part of DJ City to rate all the music they publish from 1 to 5 before downloading it.

This question, which at first might seem unimportant, becomes a real nuisance when we want to download a lot of music at once.  Open the track, pre-listen if necessary and then classify it so that the Download option appears.

It is not a problem if we do with 10 different tracks but if we want to download 100 tracks all at once it can be a real pain in the ass due to the loss of time that this implies.

Supposedly that classification helps DJ City to know which songs to keep and which ones to eliminate, but the reality is that many DJs ignore that assessment and put the first classification they have at hand, so the system in the end does not serve at all. its purpose.

Final Thoughts is an excellent option to keep up to date with the music that sounds the most in your favorite musical style or styles.

Without a doubt, the quality is what differentiates it from other record pools, we will not find thousands of songs of all genres, maybe a few hundred of them, but despite the fact that the quantity is lower, its quality is very high if we compare it with other platforms, that many times they hardly dedicate themselves to warping the track and adding a kick drum and a snare as an intro and outro of the song.

In DJ City you can find more elaborate editions, exclusive remixes, and even instrumentals and acapellas aimed basically at the DJ who needs original music to make his sessions stand out from the rest.

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