Edifier R1280DB Speaker Review

Edifier R1280DB Speaker Review

The Edifier R1280DB loudspeakers are undoubtedly one of the most surprising products that has come our way so far, do not expect a product aimed at an eminently professional audience but a device with a great value for money and focused on various applications.

Construction and durability

The Edifier R1280DB are made entirely of wood with very good finishes, the durability of the product is high if we take into account the materials used, although it obviously has some plastic elements such as the equalization knobs or the volume knobs.

However, the overall feeling is that they are very well crafted speakers.


4-inch speakers like these do not usually stand out for their presence in bass, however, in these R1280DB from the first moment you notice that the bass is one of its great strengths. It goes without saying that more bass does not mean that it sounds better but it is surprising that the manufacturer with a 4-inch cone has achieved such a high definition of bass.

As a curiosity, we noticed that the bass is heard better when only the main speaker is connected, that is, the one where the amplifier is. And that when we connect the second speaker, a small drop in them is noticed.

We assume that the reason is very simple, the same amplification is more effective without focusing on a single speaker than if it is divided into two.

As for the other frequencies, we must make it clear that although it sounds good to be a product with such a contained price, it is far from aimed at producers or audiophiles, although it can be used perfectly by DJs who want to perform their sessions at home and that they do not have space for speakers larger than 4 inches or simply that their budget is tight and they cannot invest in high or mid-range speakers that usually cost from $300 – $400 per pair.

A detail that has drawn our attention is the presence of two-band equalization (treble and bass) and a physical volume selector, something very unusual in such small speakers but which is essential if we want to customize their sound or simply get a better handling of it.

edifier R1280DB black


Another of the strengths of this Edifier proposal is the surprising number of connections it has, specifically it includes: Bluetooth connection, 2 RCA input, 1 optical input, 1 coaxial input and finally the connection with an audio cable so that the two speakers communicate.

If we take into account that similar products from other manufacturers have an RCA input at most and in the best of cases with a Bluetooth connection, the latter tends to make the article much more expensive, we realize that in this section the R1280DB are not a product at all. use in this question.

edifier R1280DB connections


If any of the above has surprised you, we are sure that when we confirm the accessories that this pair of speakers incorporate, you will directly put your hands on your head.

From a remote control, through an RCA to RCA cable, another RCA to minijack, an oxygen-free audio cable or an optical cable are the accessories that come by default in the box. A real bombshell when you consider that many similar units do not even incorporate a simple RCA cable.

Edifie - R1280DB-Brown-Speakers-Powered-Bluetooth-

final thoughts

Although these speakers are not intended for professional use, they can perfectly cover the needs as we have mentioned before from a DJ who only wants to DJ at home to an ordinary user who only wants to connect his mobile via Bluetooth and play his playlist favorite.

In any case and for the price they have, the range of applications is high and with it the possible interested parties as well.

What is clear is that right now there is no 4-inch speaker with this quality that includes so many accessories and above all that is sold at such a low price and with such a decent sound.

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