Hercules HDP DJ60 Review

Hercules HDP DJ60 Review

Manufacturer Hercules would like to make it easier for DJ beginners to get started with inexpensive products and offers controllers, headphones, speakers, but also complete packages for hanging up.

The now presented HDP DJ60 headphones are no exception, they are offered for a manageable price and should convince users with their good sound, high volume and good wearing comfort.

Whether the implementation of the device in black and silver was successful and whether the first DJ attempts can be mastered with it? I checked it for you guys.

  • Comfortable to wear

  • Numerous customization options

  • Mixing relief through bass boost

  • Cables, ear pads, capsules not interchangeable

Feature Highlights

The new top-of-the-range headphone model in the Hercules portfolio is called HDP DJ60 and is closed and circumaural.

My scales reported a combat weight of 340 grams including cable and plug for the portable sound reinforcement device, which corresponds to a placement in the upper midfield if you consult comparable competitors. A headband padding together with soft ear pads should allow comfortable wearing.

The ear cups can be swiveled vertically by 90 degrees and horizontally by 180 degrees and can be folded up for transport, although the latter does not reduce the pack size as significantly as with other headphones.

A pull-out mechanism with eight ratchet steps allows an enlargement on both sides by three centimeters and thus an adjustment to the head size. There is a permanently installed spiral cable on the left auricle, which can be stretched up to three meters and a mini jack plug is attached to the end.

The delivery of the HDP DJ60 includes a 6.3 millimeter adapter that allows for a size modification if necessary.

While we’re at it, we take a look at the entire contents of the outer packaging and discover printed brief instructions and notes on environmental protection next to the headphones themselves. Transport bag, replacement pads, alternative cables? Unfortunately not.

Hercules HDP DJ60 box

… but no transport bag

Choice of material & processing

The Hercules HDP DJ60 is made entirely of plastic and is quite well processed, the built-in materials appear solid, but not of high quality.

Of course, you shouldn’t expect the same quality here as with a much more expensive device from the premium range, but for me what is offered in terms of the asked price is completely okay.

What bothers me, however, is the built-in cable as well as the non-replaceable capsules and ear pads, which I think is not up-to-date and causes unnecessary electronic waste should damage occur here.

Technical specifications

The technical data of the HDP DJ60 reads more than solid. According to the manufacturer, the 50 millimeter drivers cover a frequency range from 15 Hz to 22 kHz and the impedance is specified as 32 Ohm.

The maximum power consumption is 2000 mW and the sound pressure is a good 105 dB. You can’t complain about a device in the entry-level area, but what these values ​​are worth in everyday life, let’s take a look at the following practical review.

In Use

The Hercules HDP DJ60 is ready for use in its sales packaging and can be easily connected to standard 3.5 or 6.3 millimeter sockets. The stretchable spiral cable allows a practical use radius of two to three meters and reliably contracts itself so that you don’t get stuck or stumble. As already mentioned, I find it very regrettable that the cable is not plugged in or screwed in, as there is hardly any realistic chance of repairing a cable break and no alternative cables can be installed.

HDP DJ60 quality

The HDP DJ60 is well made …


In this discipline, the HDP DJ60 collects a lot of plus points, because the soft padding on the headband but above all on the ear cups ensure a high level of comfort. The subject’s weight, which is not particularly low, is completely in the background. The vertical and horizontal swivel functions, which offer a wide range of carrying options, are also appealing.

The headphones certainly offer nothing new here, but solutions that are otherwise often only found in significantly more expensive headphones. One-sided wearing with a shell behind the ear or clamping with the auricle turned, no problem – great! I would have liked to see alternative ear or temple cushions here too, but there aren’t any, so let’s go to the sound check.

HDP DJ60 side

… vertical turning functions allow numerous adjustments


The Hercules HDP DJ60 is aimed at young DJs, which is also reflected in the sound performance of the headphones. Noticeably, a bass boost makes mixing easier for beginners.

I think that’s okay, but the mids and highs drop off quite significantly and the transparency cannot keep up with other DJ headphones, whose price tag is a little higher.

On a positive note, the proper shielding against external noise, which enables concentrated work, and the sound pressure is more than sufficient for DJ purposes.

What I didn’t like that much are the somewhat loud cable noises, which are only significant at low volumes.


The Hercules HDP DJ60 are successful DJ headphones that are aimed primarily at beginners.

The device is well made and offers rotating functions as well as soft padding that allow different carrying positions and longer uses. The technical data of the headphones with regard to the frequency range covered, sound pressure, etc. are all solid.

The bass-heavy sound pattern makes mixing easier, but prevents additional usage recommendations for home studios, as it is not neutral. There are deductions for the non-replaceable ear pads and capsules as well as for the permanently installed cable, as you have no chance of repair.

Rookies who need to pay attention to their budget, but also want a decent beginner set of cans, can definitely add the HDP DJ60 to their arsenal.