How to Successfully DJ a Party

How to Successfully DJ a Party

I always attend these parties where the only music being played is either a variation of hip hop or techno.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love a good rave, and setting the mood isn’t all that bad but through years of experience with my own parties and some of my best friends’ parties, I have come to realize that variety isn’t always the wrong choice. Playing a little bit of everything can go a long way.

With recent innovations such as the iPod and Zune, switching songs is a breeze. Here’s the perfect guide to successfully DJing.

The Music

This method does not actually involve a mixtape or CD of any sort but an iPod or any mp3 player capable of carrying at least 1 GB of music. This may seem a bit overkill but trust me, having more than 500 songs available will be a life-saver.

The cheapest and best solution would be the new “square” iPod shuffles since they shuffle and are compact but even the 60GB iPod video will work. Just make sure you have an mp3 player.

The Speakers

Make sure you have a good set of speakers. They have to be loud enough for everybody to hear and this all depends on where the party is going to be happening.

My favorite parties are outdoor parties but not everybody has the luxury of having a spacious backyard with compliant neighbors so we’ll just pretend that this’ll be an indoor party.

Some of those portable speakers that come with the mp3 player will work but out of experience, although it may seem like a bit much, a 7.1 surround sound system works the best because there are speakers in every corner of the room.

If a 7.1 surround sound system cannot be obtained, I would recommend a 4.1 or 5.1 sound system with a subwoofer that packs a punch. I like to stick a piece of paper on the subwoofer’s front and play a song on medium volume to test it out.

If the piece of paper moves out like someone’s blowing on it, it’ll definitely work!


Not a necessity but having a laptop available as a backup has always worked for me. Someone may request a song your mp3 player may not have but your laptop may have that song or your battery may die. Who knows what’ll happen and how long you will have to fix the problem.

Guest List

Many people forget to do this but beforehand, make sure you keep a list of all the people attending the party. For general use, this lets you know how many people will be at the party and probably how loud you will have to keep the music.

If possible, ask the party-planner to tell you what the majority of people attending the party like to listen to. This may seem unconventional but if the party-planner knows his guests, he will have a general idea of what they like to listen to.


Again, this all depends on where you are playing. We are assuming that the party is an inside party so always try to situate yourself higher than everybody else; like the pharmacists at a drug store behind their tall counters.

This is to get out of the way while everyone is having a good time and to also make yourself feel a whole lot cooler.

Have Fun

Remember, if you goof up, so what? It’s a party and the people will understand. If there is booze involved, they’ll be even more understanding so just don’t worry about anything and have fun!

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