JBL EON615 Speaker Review

JBL EON615 Speaker Review

In our first review of some speakers we wanted to choose one of the best-selling models on the market, the JBL EON 615, a device that over time has become almost a fixture among DJs, mobile discos, pubs, bands and artists from all over. type.

Construction and durability

The JBL EON 615 is designed to withstand the most demanding rigors, it is built entirely in a high-resistance plastic box and its weight has been taken into account in its construction, of only 17.7 kg, which makes it one of the lightest 15-inch boxes on the market.

Due to the wide range of uses that the EON 615 encompasses, the engineers have placed the amp controls right at the rear of the 615 to protect them from shocks while making them easy and convenient to access.

With minimal maintenance, these JBL EON 615s should last you for years running without a hitch. Although this type of product is always good to protect with some of the accessories that the manufacturer itself sells, which currently focuses on a padded cover that prevents scratches, dirt, dust, etc. and another cover designed for outdoors that protects it from inclement weather, especially the rain, in addition to several models of suitcases for transport.



The JBL EON 615 stands out for its flexibility, in fact it can be used by venues of all kinds as reinforcement sound and even as a main system or to accompany bands, DJs, mobile discos and artists in general who need a box with considerable power but that at the same time is easily transportable and usable.

Currently the American brand sells the JBL EON 615 (15-inch), JBL EON 612 (12-inch), JBL EON 610 (10-inch) and an optional JBL EON 618 S (18-inch) subwoofer that can work together or separately.

In all models, the manufacturer ensures that the loudspeaker reaches 500 W RMS and 1000 W peak, although in the case of SPL logically the larger the diameter of the loudspeaker, the greater its value will also be.

Used individually, the JBL EON sound forceful, its integrated DSP equalization allows it to be used with 4 different equalization presets: Main (Main, focused on standard use of the speaker), Monitor (which as its name suggests allows use as stage monitor the speaker), Sub (in the case of the 15, 12 and 10-inch models allows these to focus on the mid and bass frequencies, leaving the bass for the 618 S subwoofer) and Speech (which is indicated when microphones are connected directly to the speaker for conferences, performances, etc.).

In general, the sound of the EON range is quite balanced and due to its presets it is possible to adapt it to most of the circumstances for which it was designed.

Using the subwoofer in conjunction with any of the 15, 12, or 10-inch models leaves even more room for maneuver and provides a bigger and better sound. Although used individually it can also perfectly cover a wide range of needs.


Bluetooth function

One of the novelties that JBL presented with this new EON range was its Bluetooth function, which allows you to select, together with a proprietary JBL app, called EON Connect, available for both Apple and Android, the different equalization presets with which counts the box completely wirelessly.

To do this you simply have to press the Bluetooth button on the back of the EON 615 and pair the speaker with the application, from that moment you can change to any of the 4 equalization presets directly from your mobile device.

The only problem is that after a while the Bluetooth function disconnects, so you will have to press the corresponding button on the speaker again.

And this can be a real headache if the box is installed in a place that is difficult to access. Undoubtedly the manufacturer should improve this function in future models so that this disconnection does not occur unless the user requires it.


Use and transport

Undoubtedly one of the points that users of this type of speaker value the most is its ease of use and transport. At this point the JBL EON 615 is licensed with a note because as we said at the beginning it is one of the lightest speakers in this market segment.

The ease of use speaks of how simple it is to manage its presets as well as install and uninstall the speaker in any situation.

The numerous handles it has, the design with rounded edges that it incorporates and the low weight make it an advisable speaker for almost any situation and that in the end you spend little time assembling the sound and much more in your performance, which is what everyone we want.


JBL has been able to provide over time a wide range of accessories to its EON range, ranging from covers to protect them to speaker stands to install them comfortably and safely.

This fact undoubtedly places it again in front of many similar products of the competition that sometimes do not have compatible covers that protect the product from bumps, dirt, dust, water, etc.

All these official accessories have quality in common, in the case of the covers they are made with resistant nylon and are quite thick to protect it from blows both during use and in transport.

On the other hand, the brackets are made of aluminum to combine the low weight and the high resistance of this material during use, whether occasional or habitual of the speakers.


In this very important section, the JBL EON 615 has two combo Jack / XLR inputs that work both as mic and line. In both, the volume can be regulated separately and in turn has a volume for the Master that allows regulating the general audio of the speaker.

On the other hand and as is usual in boxes of this type, it is possible to bridge the box through the male XLR type connection (called Thru in English).


final thoughts

The JBL EON 615 is a recommended choice if you are a DJ, artist, owner of a mobile nightclub, pub or small or medium-sized venue due to its flexibility, its great sound and how easy it is to transport it, install it and uninstall it.

This model follows a longstanding tradition of the North American manufacturer of creating highly reliable powered loudspeakers that with minimal maintenance can last a long time.

As for known problems, some users have reported problems with the box overheating, but according to our experience and after using them for many hours and a good part of the weekends throughout the year, we can assure you that so far we have not had any incidence.

The loudspeaker lasts for many hours of operation without reducing its performance one iota, of course, as long as it is used with the volume recommended by the manufacturer, which is none other than the one that the limiter that incorporates the box delimits, which can be displayed at all times thanks to the corresponding led.

Obviously, exceeding that volume, the sound of the box may not be adequate and after continued use it can lead to the appearance of problems related to heating.

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