Numark DJ2GO2 Controller Review

Numark DJ2GO2 Controller Review

Numark DJ2GO2 is a perfect little controller to prepare your sets at home or on the move or to be used in small events that do not require a great sound. The American manufacturer’s proposal has penetrated well among the Serato users to whom it is aimed since it allows you to prepare your music without having to load a large controller.

Construction and durability

This is undoubtedly one of the great shortcomings of the device, partly caused by its small size and of course its low price. The DJ2GO2 is made entirely of plastic, it is not the best plastic that we have seen to date in DJ controllers, but it is also true that it fulfills the greatest premise of the manufacturer in this model, the low weight and its consequent high portability.

Do not pretend to find a shock-resistant controller, rather the opposite, you will have to pamper it even more than other controllers and above all transport it correctly in a dedicated bag, although it is true that we do not know of any brand that offers a designed protector specifically for this Numark DJ2GO2. In principle, any minimally quality suitcase can help you extend the life of the device.


The other thing with this type of portable controllers is their sound, they are not designed to be used with large sound systems, instead DJing with it at home or in small events is perfectly possible.

The components used, especially its internal audio interface, are not of high quality, making it almost impossible to use it in professional or semi-professional environments due to the needs in terms of quality sound that events of this type require.

Obviously, this does not mean that it cannot be used for one of its most widespread uses, preparing our sets at home or anywhere, thanks to the fact that despite its small size it still has everything necessary to perform the most basic operations for a DJ, that is: playback controls, 4 pads to apply hot cues for each deck, jog wheel, pitch, crossfader or controls to navigate in the browser or load songs.


In Use

As we’ve said before, the Numark DJ2GO2 isn’t a controller that’s meant for DJing only. Its most common use is to use it as a supported controller to mark our hot cues, analyze our music, listen to it, or classify it directly in our favorite crates.

However, with a little searching on the Net, you will find a multitude of videos, many of them recorded by well-known turntablism DJs that perform small routines that demonstrate that the controller can be used perfectly for DJing.

The great advantage of this type of device is that it is very easy to transport them and even many DJs use it in case their main system fails, in any case, it is better to use a controller like the DJ2GO2 before doing the session with the always uncomfortable computer keyboard.

Numark DJ2GO2 Touch

final thoughts

Numark DJ2GO2 is a perfect auxiliary controller, it fits in any suitcase, it is easily transportable and its price is low. If you need a controller to DJ at large events, this DJ2GO2 should not be your option, but if you want to run small routines or events with friends or family, it will perfectly meet your expectations.

The big disadvantage of these very small controllers is that playing with them requires a learning process because the controls are so close to each other that it is very easy to press the button you do not want.

It is necessary to take into account a key deficiency, the Numark DJ2GO2 does not have faders for each channel, therefore the change between one deck and the other can only be done through the crossfader.

In our tests, we had a hard time adapting to this change because we are used to handling faders that are more recommended to execute more precise mixes. We assume that in this case, Numark has chosen not to incorporate faders due to lack of space or directly to save on components and offer a more adjusted price.

In any case, getting used to the lack of faders only took us a few tries, in a few hours we had already got hold of the device, however it is a great shortcoming that can throw back more than one.

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