Pioneer DJ Interface 2 Review

Pioneer DJ Interface 2 Review

Pioneer Interface 2 is the first audio interface from Pioneer DJ that aims to be able to use Rekordbox DJ with any setup, this two-channel interface is perfect to give life to old devices that do not have their own interface or as a backup system if you are DJs who move a lot and always need a plan B in case the main interface fails.

Construction and durability

Pioneer Interface 2 is made entirely of metal and believe us how much we tell you that the casing is almost indestructible, except for some elements of the always used plastic, such as the USB female connector and the system that the manufacturer has devised for the power cable. Current is not disconnected by accident, everything else is metal and good.

It must be taken into account that the audio interface itself is small and very delicate, so what brands do is provide the interface with a housing that protects it from bumps, falls and accidents of all kinds because in the end it is It is a device that is going to be placed in the cabin and we already know that many places have little space and falls are unfortunately very common.

Obviously, the fact that Interface 2 is well built does not prevent you from offering the minimum care recommended for this type of product.


The interface of Pioneer DJ has a quality sound given the use that is expected to be given to it, the Japanese have chosen to cover a wide range of needs ranging from the amateur DJ who wants to use the device at home or in small events to the professional DJ who hopes to obtain the highest quality sound at large events with professional sound systems.

The Pioneer Interface 2 technical specification sheet confirms that the device can work with the following resolutions 24bit / 44.1kHz, 48kHz and 96kHz. Added to this is the ability to use the interface to record external sound sources, for example a turntable, so that you can easily record and capture vinyl or any analog sound source using Rekordbox itself.



As we mentioned at the beginning of this review, Pioneer Interface 2 has two channels, therefore it can handle up to two sound sources at the same time. It is compatible with both vinyls and DVS CDs, in fact two control code vinyls compatible with Rekordbox are included in the box, however Pioneer DJ has chosen not to include the timecode CDs although it is possible to download the files from the Rekordbox official website so that you can burn them yourself to a CD or use them through a USB stick or SD card.

Another important novelty in this interface are the LED indicators on the top panel that perfectly show the signal flow, which gives you a visual reference of its status. So for example, if the signal level is too high or low, you will know instantly thanks to the color code.

Without a doubt, this function will be very useful when you are in booths with little light or when the interface is in a place that is difficult to access and you want to know quickly if the connections were made correctly or not.

Box contents

When you purchase the Pioneer 2 Interface, you will find the following items in the box:

  • Power cord
  • Power adapter
  • USB Cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • 4 RCA audio cables
  • 4 rubber feet so that you can stick them to the interface and avoid unwanted movements of the same
  • 2 control vinyls
  • Rekordbox DJ license
  • Rekordbox DVS license


final thoughts

Pioneer Interface 2 is an excellent proposal to make any audio device, regardless of brand, compatible with Rekordbox DJ. If we add to that the possibility that the interface is open right now, that is, we can use it with any software, we have a reliable and very flexible product.

Obviously the compatibility with other applications such as Traktor or Virtual DJ is not guaranteed for life and of course the manufacturer does not ensure that the interface works correctly with any other application that is not the official one.

But if you are one of those who regularly DJ with Rekordbox DJ and you need an interface that is compatible without a doubt, this Pioneer Interface 2 will more than meet all your expectations. Above we are talking about a not very large device that is easily transportable and at the same time resistant,

It is important to clarify that Pioneer Interface 2 only works once Rekordbox DVS is activated, if you do not activate it previously by entering the serial number that is included in the box within the Rekordbox DJ preferences, the interface does not work directly.

Once Rekordbox DVS is activated, Pioneer Interface 2 will output sound and let you handle signals from turntables as well as CD or multimedia players.

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