Pioneer HDJ-X10 Headphones Review

Pioneer HDJ-X10 Headphones Review

The Pioneer HDJ-X10 DJ headphones are probably one of the best headphones on the market today, discover in this review why it is a true premium device in many respects.

Its careful design and spectacular packacking only reinforce its technical characteristics where the tastes and needs of DJs have prevailed today.

Construction and durability

As soon as you feel it, you can see that Pioneer DJ has put a lot of effort into its top-of-the-range headset at the moment, it has basically used high-quality plastic although it also incorporates some metal elements such as the screws that are located just above the cups and that allow that these rotate up to 180 degrees.

In general, the device looks hard and well built, but because it is a relatively new model we cannot guarantee its durability until time passes, although it is true that it does not seem that it could have many problems in this crucial aspect if it is subjected to minimal maintenance.

Design and Packaging

As soon as you look at the box you can see that Pioneer DJ has placed special emphasis on the design and packaging of the Pioneer HDJ-X10, when you take it out you find a spectacular dark gray packaging with red details that houses the bag inside protection of the device as well as the instruction manual, the connection cables and of course the headset itself.


A premium product like this cannot skimp on accessories, in fact this HDJ-X10 comes with everything you need to use it in any situation.

The first thing that catches your eye is its rigid transport bag with a very careful design that allows you to house the headphones together with a cable and on top of it, it has a space dedicated to placing pen drives and SD memory cards.

This detail, although it seems unimportant, is when you realize that many manufacturers do not incorporate a bag into their headphones or if they do, they are not of quality, with which you are forced to buy a bag that protects it and transports it separately, with the consequent expense of money that it supposes. The bag is not very thick,

On the other hand, the Pioneer HDJ-X10 comes with a 1.6 meter long straight cable and a coiled spiral cable that measures 1.2 meters but if you stretch it can reach 3 meters without much difficulty. Of course it incorporates the always necessary 6.3 mm jack type adapter plated in gold.


The Pioneer HDJ-X10 are dynamic and closed DJ headphones that incorporate 50-millimeter drivers, their main feature is that they mark the bass very well, they are not flat frequency headphones although in our opinion the midrange and treble are also well defined Although it is true that the low frequencies are the ones that prevail when using the device.

This fact, together with the fact that it is a headphone that isolates very well from outside sound thanks to its large cups that perfectly close the ear and the large headband that gives it a firm but comfortable hold.


final thoughts

Pioneer HDJ-X10 is in our opinion one of the best DJ headphones ever made, or at least the most recent. Any key aspect of it has been carefully designed, it has no negative points except for the price that on the other hand in our opinion is more than justified if we take into account the quality of its components.

It is a highly recommended purchase if you want a robust but at the same time comfortable headphone that allows you to play many hours without feeling discomfort of any kind and above all offering quality sound focused on the needs and tastes of today’s DJs.

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