Pioneer HDJ-X5BT Headphones Review

Pioneer HDJ-X5BT Headphones Review

The Pioneer HDJ-X5BT are the first DJ headphones to which the Japanese giant incorporates Bluetooth technology. In this review we analyze its characteristics and explain everything you need to know about it.

Construction and durability

The HDJ-X5BTs continue to maintain quality in terms of construction and durability in principle is guaranteed with minimal maintenance.

As it is a new model they still do not have the time to know if it can really withstand the “inclement” typical of the booths but it must be clarified that this model replaces the Pioneer HDJ-X5 that at the time Pioneer DJ stopped manufacturing for existence a problem with the headband that made it possible to break.

Of course in this model the problem is solved and to this day the manufacturer does not recognize any problem in this regard.

In our tests we have not noticed that it is a worse model than its older brothers, the Pioneer HDJ-X7 and Pioneer HDJ-X10, but it does have some less accessories that allow a price drop compared to the aforementioned models.



That this X5BT is aimed at the DJ and that it incorporates Bluetooth technology does not mean that we can use it to mix, basically because right now there are no mixers that have Bluetooth on the market.

However, we can use it with any mobile device to listen to music both at home and on the move and of course with any product that has a Bluetooth chip.

To activate Bluetooth you just have to turn it on through the dedicated button and pair it with the device you want. The headphones come with volume and battery indicator in one of the earphone cups, at first it is somewhat confusing to find it because they are very well camouflaged but once you place it it will be very easy to use them because access to these functions is very fast and easy.

Finally, this model comes with a USB cable to charge its battery as well as a mini USB port on the headset itself that makes recharging the battery always necessary extremely easy.



The HDJ-X5BT has a good sound although in our opinion its weak point is the bass that is not as marked as the HDJ-X7 or the HDJ-10. Obviously the X5 is the cheapest of the three and it is normal that it does not have as good a sound as these models that are more expensive.

While it is true that in general we have not found it to have a bad sound, but let’s say that in its lower frequencies is where it lacks a little more punch. With regard to high-pitched mids we have not noticed many differences and they are practically the same as the aforementioned models.



Another detail that denotes that this X5 is the cheapest DJ headset that Pioneer DJ sells at the moment is the accessories section.

This unit only incorporates a coiled cable, it does not come with a carrying bag or with a straight cable as they come in the X7 or X10. Of course, this makes the headset cheaper and is not difficult either, since Pioneer DJ markets these types of accessories independently.


final thoughts

If you need headphones focused on the DJ with a very competitive price, without a doubt this is your choice. If what you want instead is a high-quality product with a good sound, especially in bass, we already anticipate that there are better options.

What the manufacturer has intended with this model is to complete its range of headphones focused on the DJ with all kinds of prices and qualities so that it is the end user who decides based on their budget and their needs.

Finally, the Pioneer HDJ-X5BT is not the best headphone that Pioneer DJ markets at the moment, but it is among those devices with great value for money that can cover an important demand from users who cannot or do not want to spend more money on acquiring models. of higher quality and therefore of higher price.

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