Rekordbox 6: Review and Features

Rekordbox 6: Review and Features

NEW Rekordbox lets you manage your library in the cloud – Synchronize your library across multiple devices

At Pioneer DJ, we continue to respect social distancing. Like all of our friends in the music community, we want to get back on the dance floor very soon.

Until then, and in preparation, we help you practice from home by announcing that Rekordbox 6.0 and Rekordbox for iOS (3.0) are now available.

With an extensive host of new features, the updated DJ app lets you sync your entire music library across multiple devices via the cloud-based app, Dropbox.

The way we enjoy music has evolved, computers and mobile devices have become the focus for listening to our favorite sounds, as well as new emerging genres. It is natural that the needs of DJs have also changed.

That’s why we’ve rebuilt Rekordbox to offer centralized music management that stores your tracks in the cloud so you can play them across multiple devices whenever you want. Three new subscription plans, including a free option and offering different feature sets so you can use the package that best suits your needs. Choose from the Free, Basic, and Creative plans.

For the first time, Export mode users can prepare sets in an advanced virtual DJ environment using Performance mode, which is now free **. Choose the creative plan within Rekordbox ver. 6.0 and you will have cloud access to the latest version of your library, wherever you are.

Prepare playlists, tracks, and metadata as cue points on your computer, then download them. You can even choose playlists and tracks to transfer to and from your iPhone. Also, if you are trying ideas like setting Hot Cues to a new track, you can update your library from your iPhone and the changes will be reflected across all your devices.

Plus, if your computer is lost or damaged, the music and metadata in your DJ library will be up-to-date and safely stored in the cloud.

Want to include the freshest sounds in your mixes? Rekordbox for Mac / Windows (version 6.0) now integrates with Inflyte, the global music promotion platform. Use Rekordbox for Mac / Windows (ver. 6.0) to browse tracks in your Inflyte Promo Locker and, if you have Dropbox enabled, Rekordbox can even import promotions automatically for you.

The new Rekordbox for iOS (ver. 3.0) also brings a number of new features that allow smoother preparation for performances and support for more file types.

Shared key features of Rekordbox for Mac / Windows (ver. 6.0) and Rekordbox for iOS (ver. 3.0)

  • Cloud library sync
  • Mobile library synchronization for iPhone use

Key Features of Rekordbox for Mac / Windows (ver. 6.0)

  • Inflyte support
  • Centralized management of multiple music sources
  • 3Band waveform provides a visual representation of frequencies
  • Light option in settings greatly improves outdoor display visibility
  • Automatic relocation automatically finds missing tracks
  • Ableton Link support for syncing with various applications and hardware

Key features of Rekordbox for iOS (ver 3.0)

    • Library synchronization on mobiles
    • Support for direct connection to CDJ and XDJ


  • Expanded features comparable to the Export mode experience
  • New graphical user interface and features for smoother preparation:
    – Playlist Box – for intuitive music management
    – Quick Cue – quickly call and set cue point
    – Real-time memory: set memory signals on the fly
    – Dual control: preview specific points in mixes
    – Independent A / B decks: easily prepare each deck

Rekordbox 6.0 virtual tour

Want to learn more about how to take full advantage of the new features in Rekordbox 6.0? Join us on the Rekordbox virtual tour we’re doing! For more information on dates and times, register now at

Rekordbox subscription plans

With the release of Rekordbox ver. 6.0, we are finalizing the old licensing system. From now on, you can use the application with your choice of free plan or two monthly subscription plans.

This means that you can select the plan that best suits your lifestyle and you can easily use the advanced features. You can switch between plans whenever you want if you want to try the features included in a higher plan, such as Cloud Library Sync.

Introductory offers

You can get a  30-day trial of Rekordbox ver. 6.0 on subscription plans. This offer is open to everyone, even if you have used a free trial of Rekordbox for an older version of the application.

After the free trial, there will be a special introductory offer available until July 13, 2020. Anyone who signs up within the offer period will stay with this introductory price of $6.99 per month (Core Plan) and $9, $99 per month (Creative Plan).

These introductory monthly prices will be locked for all future Rekordbox 6 updates. If you cancel your subscription, you will need to re-subscribe at the full price.

Prices will increase on July 13, 2020 to $9.99 (Core Plan) and $14.99 (Creative Plan).