Reloop NEON Controller Review

Reloop NEON Controller Review

The Reloop Neon has it all, it is very flexible, light, well built and very competitively priced. But curiously, despite fulfilling all those characteristics and the odd one that we left in the pipeline, it is a great unknown for most DJs.

Build quality

Reloop Neon is built entirely in plastic but to the touch it looks like a robust controller, obviously its small size does not allow it to enjoy impunity against frictions, falls and blows but in general its construction is good and does not give a feeling of low quality.

But as we always say in these cases, only the time of use will tell us if we are finally wrong or not in this crucial aspect.


Undoubtedly the great asset of this Neon is its flexibility, you can navigate between the Serato DJ Pro browser through the knob dedicated to this function to apply loops or navigate between banks of samplers or the 4 decks that can handle the application. Being an 8-pad controller designed to work with Serato DJ Pro, it can handle up to 4 Permofance Mode in Serato: Sampler, Slicer, Hot Cue and Hot Loop

It also has specific buttons to use Serato DJ Pro in relative mode, the Slip, the Sync button and the always necessary Shift to activate the second layer of functions or to delete actions such as Hot Cues.


What’s in the box and accessories

In the Reloop Neon box, in addition to the controller itself, you will find a minijack cable so that you can connect up to two Neon and in this way handle up to 16 pads and with the extra possibility of handling the 4 decks at will. And of course, the always necessary USB cable, in addition to the instruction manual.

On the other hand, the Reloop Stand is an accessory that is sold separately that is designed to hold the Reloop Neon, in general we liked its price, its solidity and its portability although it does not seem to be a very well built product.


What we didn’t like

In general, the Reloop Neon is an excellent purchase but there are some minimal details that have not managed to convince us, among them:

– The browser knob is too fast in navigation, in principle this is not a problem if you are already used to it, but if you are not used to it, it can be a problem because it will take a little longer to locate the song you really want to load on the deck.

Added to this is the fact that pressing the knob loads the song, so you can interrupt the song that is playing to load the new one.

– The stand that Reloop sells for the Neo is too heavy, it is amazing how such a light controller needs something so little light for its stability.

It is clear that a low weight support can compromise the use of the Reloop Neon but perhaps the use of other materials would have been a possible solution. Carrying the support in your backpack can be a great added weight that not everyone is willing to carry.

Reloop Neon

final thoughts

The Reloop Neon is a controller that should undoubtedly become more popular among DJs, especially among those who use Serato DJ Pro, it is an excellent option if you need a modular pad controller that is portable and compact in size but that at the same time allows you to use the Serato’s most in-demand features.

Without a doubt, its price can attract the attention of more than one who wants to complete their setup without having to invest a large amount of money in it.

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