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I'm currently looking for a few hard working and intellectually curious  young scholars to join the Intergroup Relations Lab at MSU. I'm  interested in working with folks who adopt an evolutionary perspective to social science questions, and will apply that logic to the broad topic of intergroup relations. I'm particularly keen on working with folks with interests in the psychology of group processes and intergroup relations, and who are interested in working closely on topics just as:  (1) religion and morality, (2)  race and gender bias, (3) judgment and decision-making in intergroup contexts), and (5)&nbsmp; psychophysiological and neurological correlates of the underlying mental processes described above.

Students interested in working towards a Ph.D. in my lab should apply to the graduate program in social and personality psychology at MSU.  Entry to the program is competitive, but once students are accepted they are provided with the financial, institutional and close mentoring support to excel and do well. My commitment to the success of my graduate students is an important part of my role as a research scientist at MSU, and I apply considerable effort, time and resources into their intellectual and professional development.

Students applying to work with me should take the GRE Subject test in psychology, and are encouraged to apply to the NSF Graduate Research Fellowships Program.

For more information on present and future directions in my work visit www.cdnresearch.net


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