Technics EAH-TZ700 Review

Technics EAH-TZ700 Review

With the EAH-TZ700, the Japanese high-end manufacturer Technics is raising in-ear monitoring to an audiophile level, which, among other things, should impress with a frequency response of 3 to 100,000 Hz.

The highlight: The small earplugs do not do this with a reusable system, but only with a single 10 mm small driver, whose frameless construction including magnetic fluid and air control chamber does not seem to shake anything.

  • Outstanding sound and bass

  • High quality and robust workmanship

  • Superior Design

  • Different shapes and sizes of ear buds

  • Very comfortable to wear

  • High price

  • No noise canceling

In-ear headphones often degenerate into an underappreciated supplement when buying a smartphone. The demand is also shrinking when it comes to listening habits. After all, streaming services provide more of the background soundtrack for everyday use than playlists for enjoyable listening.

More attention is paid to functionality than to sound. If you also want to do without the annoying cable, you can at least treat yourself to Bluetooth headphones, if possible even with noise-canceling to suppress annoying background noise.

The Technics EAH-TZ700 cannot serve this purpose, but it shines with its sound, comfort, and high quality, which you can benefit from at home and also in the DJ booth. But how is it worth it?

Feature Highlights

In the outer packaging of the cardboard box, I find a matt black and elegant-looking box with a partially lacquered Technics strap, and when I open it, an artificial leather case with an embossed Technics logo welcomes me, which transports the two very elegant earphones, which weigh just 3.5 g, and are shockproof.

The silver brand lettering stands out on the metallic gray surface, as does the golden MMCX socket on which one of the two cables supplied clicks firmly into place.

Technics donated two equally long, uncoated cables, with a non-symmetrical cable with a gold-plated 3.5 mm jack plug for smartphones and conventional headphone outputs.

The symmetrical cable and the four-pole plug require special high-end players.

eah tz700 box

The scope of delivery of the EAH-TZ700

Fitting pieces that are adequate for the respective ear are literally part of the good tone. Technics therefore include two sets, round and oval, in four different sizes each.

Slipped over the trapezoidal exit of the sound outlet, they sit tight and the in-ears are secure and precisely fitting in the ear canal.

Technics EAH-TZ700 close

The listeners are waiting for the earmold

The technology

Technics manufactures the cylinders of the listeners from magnesium, which ends in a titanium sound outlet reserved for the 10 mm small drivers.

According to the manufacturer, the most advanced technology is hidden inside, based on the unique, frameless driver construction, which is separated from a magnetic fluid and is intended to prevent vibrations and distortions.

The perfect control of the air flow in a closed air control chamber via a special aluminum membrane ensures a more detailed and spatial representation.


As already mentioned, the EAH-TZ700 manages the frequency response from 3 Hz to 100 kHz with just one driver.

In order to ensure that you are properly heard even on less powerful headphone outputs, the impedance is 37 ohms and the sensitivity is 102 dB / mW. In line with its 100 mW power, the Technics EAH-TZ700 will probably provide a loud, high-resolution sound in the following practical test.

In Use

Thanks to its very small housing shape and the low weight of 3.5 g per capsule (without cable), the EAH-TZ700 is hardly noticeable in the ear canal.

Of course, the in-ears also benefit from the different ear pieces. Without uncomfortable pressure, they ensure the perfect fit and security even with faster head movements such as during sports. Although the attachments snap tightly onto the conical sound outlet, they are quite easy to change.

It’s just a shame that there is no space reserved for two replacement pads in the case, because the carrying case offers enough space.

In general, the tiny EAH-TZ700 should be stowed in the pouch provided for it, so that it can be transported safely and the cable protected from fretting and breakage.


Playing MP3s on the EAH-TZ700 is like throwing pearls in front of pigs. Accordingly, the test also requires a suitable player, such as the FiiO M11 mobile high-resolution player provided by Technics, with tracks in wav, or better in lossless FLAC format.

technics-eah-tz700 no cables

The in-ears without cables and attachments

Since the in-ears sympathize with music of all styles, be it pop, rock, jazz or classical music and should reproduce their sub-bass or crystal clear highs naturally and uncensored, I randomly scroll through the library with over 1600 songs.

The first play tests show that the EAH-TZ700 depicts all the details of the production like a magnifying glass, including background noises such as the keystrokes on the keyboard in Peter Gabriel’s “The Boy In The Bubble”.

You can hear the music in its entirety in a way you have probably never had it injected directly into your ear before. Literally completely encapsulated, I dive into the spatial music world without distraction.

Classics like America’s “A Horse With No Name” or Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick In The Wall” have often benefited from the analog studio production of the time. Warm bass as well as crystal clear highs are in harmony without stealing each other’s show.

Elvis Presley’s “Fever” gives me goosebumps. First of all, the deep plucked double bass carpet including the background noise of the studio technology at that time, on which Elvis’ voice presented itself as if he were standing right in front of me.

But the EAH-TZ700 also feel very comfortable on electronic terrain, the best example being Deadmau5 “Whispers”, whose creaky deep bass the drivers reproduce undistorted and without vibrations even at deafening volume.

That will certainly make DJ hearts beat a few BPM. I take completely new facets from tracks that you know from the radio, like Sia’s “Cheap Thrills”.

However, the listeners are also very honest, so that their homogeneous sound only benefits from a high-quality recording in high-resolution file format. If, however, I plug my iPhone into the EAH-TZ700, it reveals the compressed truth.

Nevertheless, compared to conventional in-ears, like my Earpods Pro, it sounds much more detailed and homogeneous. But the purchase of noble in-ears is not worthwhile for mobile use alone, especially since they shield a lot from the environment without ambient mode of active noise canceling.

Rather, they speak in favor of audiophile music enjoyment at home, where you consciously and exclusively devote yourself to music. The EAH-TZ-700 provides true head cinema thanks to their spatial representation and very good shielding. A job in the DJ booth also benefits from the latter.


Technics celebrates an impressive debut in in-ear headphones with the EAH-TZ700. A newly developed 10 mm small driver with a frequency response of 3 to 100,000 Hz is located in the very noble-looking metallic gray and only 3.5 g lightweight magnesium housing natural, homogeneous, distortion-free and vibration-free signal mapping.

In the listening test, this is shown in a high-resolution, very spatial sound that is not afraid of extremely deep bass or crystal-clear highs, regardless of the music style being played.

In addition, thanks to their perfect fit with the various included ear tips in four sizes and two shapes, the listeners seal off their surroundings very well. The tiny in-ears are therefore recommended primarily for enjoyable listening, but also for cueing in the DJ booth.

However, in order to be able to play out all possible nuances of the driver, a corresponding player is required, preferably an HR player, equipped with uncompressed audio files.

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